Collagen is a main structural skin protein.

Collagen is a main structural skin protein. It plays a key role in providing structural protection of cells, tissues and organs. Collagen and beauty Collagen is 75 % of our skin, consequently, the skin looks smooth, tender, young and healthy, mainly due to high levels of collagen. Destruction of healthy collagen and decrease in collagen‘s production lead to arise of unwanted wrinkles and skin aging. Knowing this, beauty seekers all over the world are looking for new ways to increase the amount of collagen in their skin to restore damaged collagen. They even inject collagen proteins into the skin to smooth out wrinkles and make the lips more beautiful.#

Our Collagen
Collagen is a natural fish collagen, developed by specialists from Japan. Thanks to the innovative technology; obtaining collagen from fish scales. Collagen is almost completely absorbed by the body, it saturates cells with the necessary amino acids.

Why do you need our Collagen?
• to restore skin elasticity and beauty
• to reduce and flatten facial wrinkles
• to support hair and nails
• to strengthen bones, joints and ligaments
• to contribute stable functioning body as a whole.
• to be younger you.

Marine Collagen: The History of Finding Eternal Youth 100% natural product

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