The trip couldn’t be just fantastic, it was far beyond that.
Between the white clouds from the plane’s window and the white clouds on the way back, there was a very colourful story that couldn’t be described.

From gathering Doctors to present our PHLEBOLYSER to see our PHLEBOLYSER standing there in clinics is another wonderful proud story.

From the shores of the Mediterranean going by delicious traditional fish with olive oil to the Acropolis of Athens are memories written in the heart.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
What a beautifull city Dubai is, as we covered the promising exhibition (Arabhealth), It was wonderful atmosphere with fantastic people.
Dubai combines gently traditional covered markets with advanced civilisation.
One of the greatest moment is when you find shiny smiles on your patients’ faces, the smile of satisfaction, after they saw and felt, what impressive results the PHLEBOLYSER can give.

After wonderful long days of hard working, presenting our products in ARABHEALTH, we could easily find the best spot to rest and enjoy the view, where we tried the traditional delicious meals. It’s an experience, where you would find yourself lost in between the beauty and happiness.